People matter! CFC to host conversation about the sector’s most valuable asset

At the heart of every community foundation, and every smart and caring community, is a network of committed leaders. And although much time and focus goes into building and distributing our financial resources, our human capital is one of our most valuable commodities. In simple terms, people matter!

Over the past weeks and months, Community Foundations of Canada has increased its commitment to building a stronger, smarter and more effective network – one that can move the needle on some of Canada’s most important pan-community challenges. What we’ve come to see is that being stronger, smarter and more effective means finding the best possible ways to support and mobilize the people who make a difference in our communities.

One part of this effort is our response to the pending wind-down of our sector’s Human Resources Sector Council. Over the course of its existence the HR Council has built knowledge, relationships and assets focused on supporting and developing the people who lead and manage organizations within our community sector.

As the HR Council winds down its operations, CFC is playing a role as a bridge to the future. How can we safeguard and make accessible the assets built up over the past number of years? How can we move forward to develop, support and mobilize new and existing leaders within our sector? How can people sustain their role as our most valuable community assets? Over the coming months, CFC will host a conversation with the sector across the country to shape a vision for moving forward and, as we go, to develop a shared leadership model that will maximize all of our available contributions.

This work will focus on several areas. Here is a glimpse into our thinking to date:

Integration and safeguarding existing assets
CFC will ensure that the intellectual and information technology assets of the HR Council, including its tools and databases are safeguarded and accessible going forward

Hosting a conversation to co-create a vision
How can we best support and mobilize human capital and resources in the non-profit sector and in our communities going forward? This work will bring together a coalition of the willing that seek to contribute to this larger vision and their leadership role within it.

Developing a shared leadership platform
One way to ensure resilience in a system, such as the one that supports our people, is to cultivate layers of leadership and contributions. Canada’s non profit and charitable sector has been experimenting with such strategies over the past decade, opening up a new way of working, together, through share leadership platforms. Our work ahead is well suited to this approach and opportunity for contributions.

Sustaining the labour market research platform created by the HR Council
Continue to produce materials based on existing labour market research and data as well as developing concepts for new research

Communication and engagement with the sector
Keeping the lines of communication open with organizations and leaders about the HR Council wind down, co-creating the new vision for mobilizing human capital and sharing existing tools and resources

These are early days for this work; there is still much to be done and many decisions to be made. Everyone in the sector knows our people are one of our greatest strengths. Seizing this chance to learn, and do, more to mobilize that asset is a great opportunity. If this kind of opportunity is one of your interests, please reach out so we can connect you to the upcoming activities.

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