Reimagine Community Philanthropy in the CKX PhilanthroLAB

Join us in the CKX PhilanthroLab where we’ll deconstruct and reimagine community philanthropy with the vision of building communities where everyone feels like they belong. Using several design Lab principles and techniques, the CKX PhilanthroLab will host a series of tinker sessions throughout the 2017 Community Foundations Conference, each focused on a particular aspect of community philanthropy.

The goal: Reimagining community philanthropy and building the community foundation of the future from the inside up.

Here are the themes we’ll be exploring in the lab:

On donor advised funds
It’s often said in community philanthropy circles that donor advised funds are the easiest way to bring money in, but the most restrictive in terms of investing for community impact. Is there a better way to engage donors in making more strategic community investments beyond scholarship funds and annual allocations to animal shelters? How can we build better relationships that are community-centric instead of donor-centric? What if a community foundation decided to do away with donor advised funds all together?

On grant-making
How do we decide our areas of focus? Why do we require grantees to submit grant applications? Who gets to decide where community investments are made? Why and how do we evaluate impact? Is there a better, more inclusive way to drive grantmaking?

On governance
What’s the true purpose of a Board of Directors? Are there alternative governance structures that might be more effective? How many Board members is too many? Are we literally just going through the motions?

On community leadership
Community foundations are more than just philanthropic piggy banks, right? What else do we do in our communities besides raise money and cut cheques? What other assets can we mobilize? How do we collaborate with other funders, institutions and actors to drive change?   

These aren’t lectures or panel discussions. In each PhilanthroLab session, participants will engage in immersive and imaginative conversations and activities as we collectively reimagine community philanthropy.

Roll up your sleeves and leave your assumptions at the door. We’re going to build something really cool, together.


About CKX

The CKX PhilanthroLab at #Belong2017 is curated by the Community Knowledge Exchange (CKX) – which seeks to spark fundamental shifts in how we build and share knowledge in the pursuit of social change. Learn more about CKX at

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