Comparing three approaches to givingCommunity foundation fund, commercial donor advised fund or a private foundation?

Gifts of life insuranceGifting a life insurance policy to a community foundation is one way for donors to maximize their giving.

How can we fund our operations?Community foundations all have multiple sources of revenue, but what is the right mix for your size?

How community foundations can engage with the Sustainable Development GoalsThis document presents an overview of the SDGs and what they mean for our movement

Providing a gift in your willIncluding a charitable bequest in a will is a simple way of making a lasting gift.

Scholarships, bursaries and awardsLearn about the advantages of different types of educations funds.

Supporting your charitable organizationThis resource explains to donors how funds can support the charity of their choice.

Ten reasons to partner with a community foundationThis resource can be distributed to prospective donors

Types of charitable fundsThis document presents an overview of types of funds available to a prospective donor.

Establishing scholarships, bursaries and awardsAn overview of the advantages, disadvantages and how-tos

What is a community foundation?This is the “elevator pitch” to explain what a community foundation does.

Working with a community foundationA one-page overview of how community foundations can work with donors

Bringing society together around the Sustainable Development GoalsA report on the National conversation on Canada and the SDGs

Vital Signs Brand GuidelinesSee how to properly reference Vital Signs in your published material

When Disaster Strikes: A guide for community foundationsThis resource details the different ways foundations can be prepared for natural and human-made disasters that may affect their communities.