Canada 150 Conversation Kit (2013)A guide to imagining Canada's 150th anniversary

Administration Handbook for Canadian Community Foundations (2016)Manual on how to setup and maintain administrative systems for community foundations.

Communications and Marketing for Community Foundations (2016)Targeted information to help you get your message out to your community.

Community Foundation Regulatory Checklist (2017)A guide to legal and fiscal requirements for community foundations under Canada’s Income Tax Act.

Community Foundation Start Up Manual (2014)The steps to help you get a community foundation started and launched in your community.

Foundation Development: Building Bridges - A Tool for Engaging Diverse Communities (2006)A planning tool for community foundations to organize ideas and actions around embracing community diversity.

Foundation Development: Fund Development Program for Canadian Community Foundations (2006)A hands-on guide to building your endowment funds.

Foundation Development: Governance and Management for Canadian Community Foundations (2006)A detailed guide to help new and emerging community foundations clarify their governance role and establish appropriate management systems

Grantmaking Toolkit for Canadian Community Foundations (2006)Basic tools to help you make the most of your grantmaking dollars.

Identifying the true donorHow to properly identify true donors for the Canada Revenue Agency

Key Policies for Canadian Community Foundations (2016)If you are looking to update or review policies this is the resource you need to ensure good governance. Each policy includes reference to Imagine Canada's accreditation process.

Policy Guidelines and Template Manual (2009)Ensure good governance practices with this comprehensive list of policies and template forms

Youth: Engaging Youth In Philanthropy (2004)Three resources in one, tailor-made for Youth, Adult Advisors, and Board Members.

Impact Investing: Responsible Investing Questions for Fund Managers (2009)Common questions for community foundations to ask fund managers about responsible investing.

When Disaster Strikes: A guide for community foundationsThis resource details the different ways foundations can be prepared for natural and human-made disasters that may affect their communities.