Community Foundations of Canada, Social Innovation Generation (SiG), McConnell Foundation, and other social sector organizations are tackling this question with a new supplement produced in partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Review(SSIR), the world’s leading social innovation publication.

As part their Winter 2018 issue, SSIR features a first-ever supplement focused on Canadian innovation, featuring social innovations from across the country in areas such as food security, refugee resettlement, Indigenous knowledge, social inclusion, and emerging technologies.

The publication makes visible our country’s rich history of social innovation, and highlights some bold ideas to ensure our communities are more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable for Canada’s next 150 years.

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SSIR Articles

The Critical Role of Traditional Knowledge in Social Innovation
By Melissa Herman
To build a brighter future for Canada, we need to learn from Indigenous communities and develop a new language of mutual understanding.

A New Model for CSR
By Valerie Chort & Hamoon Ekhtiari
How Canada’s largest bank is reimagining the role of corporations in society.

The Digital Future of Canadian Philanthropy
By Anil Patel
Why philanthropists should embrace digital innovation with a focus on social research and development.

A Path to Community Driven Food Innovation
By Annie Aningmiuq & Tracy Sarazin
Community-driven solutions are helping both to improve food security and to pass down Inuit knowledge to younger generations.

Fighting Social Exclusion, One Encounter at a Time
By Nadia Duguay & Agnès Lorgueilleux
Exeko seeks to better understand social, cultural, and intellectual exclusion and work to eliminate it.

Supporting Women’s Rights in Troubled Times
By Wariri Muhungi & Erin Edwards
How women’s movements are holding ground and breaking ground.

An Invitation to Explore Indigenous Innovation
By Kris Archie & Jessica Bolduc
Indigenous traditions are key to building the relationships, reciprocity, and reconciliation that Canada needs for a strong future.

Out of the Lab and into the Frontline
By Alex Ryan, Sarah Schulman & Vinod Rajasekaran
How embracing uncertainty can help cultivate Canada’s social R&D ecosystem.

Crowdsourcing Refugee Resettlement
By Mustafa Alio & Ratna Omidvar
Canada’s Private Sponsorship of Refugees program offers an effective model for how to engage entire communities in welcoming newcomers.

Building a Canadian Social Finance Fund
By Stephen Huddart & Tim Draimin
Government and its partners can achieve transformative change by taking a big leap.

Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals
By Andrew Chunilall & Ajmal Sataar
What is the role of community-based innovation in a rapidly changing world?