Two years into CFC’s digital transformation, the organization has made significant investments in core technologies to help the team be more productive to support a pan-Canadian, hybrid work environment. This support includes enhanced training and onboarding – for a team that has more than doubled in two years – to ensure team members/departments have the right tools and support to conduct their core work. 

What does the role involve? 

As Manager, you will work closely with Coordinator, Technology and Systems, Sr. Advisor, Digital Strategy & Platform Architecture and other team members to improve key processes, implementation and adoption of systems, development of company and team productivity metrics, and project management.

  1. Interdepartmental Collaboration. You will be the technical liaison between departments, their core technologies and integration across departments and systems. You have a keen eye on what users need from different needs that ensure data and information compliance for program reports, annual audits and other best practices of a highly functional Canadian charity. Additionally, you will help manage and prioritize key tasks and team members.
  2. Business Process via Zoho One. You will lead the further usage, training and adoption of Zoho One. Zoho One includes 10+ core applications such as contact management (CRM), forms, surveys, newsletters, e-signature, document management, etc, that powers most of CFC’s core business processes such as issuing contracts, network surveys, program newsletters, etc.
  3. Core Collaboration via Google Workspace / Slack / Zoom. You will lead the enhanced adoption and usage of collaboration tools to support day-to-day internal work, specifically Google Workspace (e.g. Gmail, Docs, Drive, etc), Slack and Zoom.
  4. Grant Application intake and reporting via Survey Monkey Apply. You will continue CFC’s use of SurveyMonkey Apply, a multi-language application intake software platform. This includes overall optimization and strategy of the platform that also allows for considerable customization on the reviewer workflow and assignments. 

Collectively, the core technologies listed above needs a highly detailed oriented and technology-savvy person to take CFC’s use of these tools to the next level.

Key Facts: 

  • Status: Full-Time, Permanent
  • Location: Anywhere in Canada, but must be able to participate occasionally in virtual meetings as early as 9 AM Eastern time. Must be able to work from home. A small budget to support office setup will be provided. 
  • Compensation package: The package is between $65,000 – $80,000 per year, depending on experience.

Roles and responsibilities

Overall System Administration and Security (30%)

  • Enhanced system configuration. Based on regular engagement with the cross-functional teams, further, configure core collaboration tools and business processes that provide further productivity enhancements. Work with Coordinator, Program Technology & information to configure grant application technologies.
  • Onboarding/offboarding. Lead the timely onboarding or offboarding of new staff, volunteers or external third parties in and out of the relevant technologies. This includes working closely with hiring leads to ensure a productive onboarding process for new board and staff.
  • Cyber/data security. Ensure that current and new team members know of and adhere to device management, password management and other safeguards around sensitive and/or confidential data they may generate or have access to. This includes regular monitoring of system usage and identification of any potential breach of data or information. As part of the annual audit, prepare a summary report on all efforts to reduce the real or perceived risks that might affect CFC’s reputation (fix sentence).

Change Management and Training (30%)  

  • Technology adoption. Work with individuals, cross-functional teams and departments to identify areas for the development and/or adoption of CFC technologies and other best practices. In doing so, help the team improve their comfort in standard data management capabilities.
  • Training strategy. Collaborate with department heads to identify professional development and upskilling opportunities for staff to choose from as part of their performance management.
  • Documenting Standard Operating Procedures. Based on staff onboarding and training of different tools and technologies, lead the standardization and documentation of best practices for running programs.

CFC Programming (30%)

  • Program design and resourcing. As CFC and platform projects emerge, provide technical and design assistance defining system requirements, workflow design, multi-system design/integration and data-sharing policies for national funding programs. This includes recommendations on technologies needed and the level of effort required – from a staffing perspective – to plan and launch a program.
  • Technology configuration and deployment. Ensure the Coordinator, Data and Systems is configuring and testing agreed-upon workflows to onboard program delivery partners and deliver national funding programs . Provide guidance and additional support as required.
  • Feedback loops, data and reporting. 
    • Program reporting. Working closely with the Manager, Monitoring Evaluation and Learning, the Financial Analyst, and Network services coordinator to ensure regular and ad-hoc reports are being maintained/enhanced for internal cross-functional teams and external funder reports.
    • Emergent framework. As CFC continually improves its data-capturing capabilities, develop a feedback loop that provides the executive office with the information it needs to shape CFC’s future.

Annual Planning and Digital Strategy (10%)

  • Annual software and data model inventory. As part of the annual budget and program planning cycles, update the inventory of current technologies being used at CFC in addition to the overall data model being used for CFC programming.
  • Digital strategy roadmap. As CFC continues its investment in a work-from-anywhere team strategy, ensure that the right investments (e.g. program/department budgeting, annual planning, job descriptions, etc.) are being identified to support existing and new staff to have all the tools and resources they need to engage in a highly-collaborative, digitally-enabled and data-driven environment. This will allow CFC to further lean into its purpose and pillars. 

Vendor relationships and industry trends. Based on CFC’s current technologies, develop and nurture relationships with existing vendors while staying abreast of technology and data trends in the philanthropic sector. This includes staying informed of relevant industry groups and news and the continuous feature releases and product enhancements across the tool’s CFC uses. Share best practices with other team members on how to maximize CFC’s core productivity products and integrated tools.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience driving productivity in a multi-system SaaS environment
  • Mastery of cloud-based CRM, productivity and collaboration tools. CFC uses Google Workspace (Google Docs, Sheets and Slide, etc.), Zoho One (CRM, Survey, Forms, Projects, etc.), Slack and Zoom
  • Demonstrated experience in project management and change management
  • Experience with managing a team and providing feedback, which includes direct reports and peers
  • Experience in data analytics and reporting and generating business insights
  • Demonstrated curiosity and an ability to learn new skills and technologies
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills, with experience working both independently and in a team 
  • Demonstrated diplomacy and discretion in handling delicate and highly confidential matters
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast-paced environment with multiple, changing priorities
  • Knowledge of the not-for-profit sector and/or an understanding of CRA regulations and reporting and gifts to qualified donees.
  • Lived experiences or knowledge that contribute to CFC’s purpose, creativity, and perspectives

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • French (written)
  • Project management designation
  • Have taken a recent course or enrolled in Udemy, Juno College or another self-directed learning course or program

How to Apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to the following form: click here. Please make your cover letter out to Anil Patel, Senior Advisor, Digital Strategy & Platform Architecture. In your cover letter, please demonstrate how you have helped an organization adopt a new system or process. The deadline for applications is March 26, 2023, although applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis, so please apply early.

What to expect:

For each candidate we will be engaging in a conversation with, we have a three-part process:

  • Part A: Zoom Call (30 mins)
  • Part B: Skill Challenge (90 mins) and Presentation (30 mins). You’ll be tasked with completing a time-bound exercise*
  • Part C: Final interview with a few other CFC colleagues

*For candidates who are asked to participate in a skills challenge, we offer a stipend of $100