Top Resources: Communications and Marketing

Tools to build trust and inspire action.

Communications are one important tool in your toolbox to advance the work of your foundation. Building a culture of strategic communications requires seeing it as a holistic function that wraps around every part of a foundation’s operations. Effective communications require putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to consider how they will interpret something. Using your imagination in this way is a creative skill that anyone can develop and strengthen over time.

Communications Toolkit Overview: Big Ideas for Small but Mighty Teams
This Toolkit Overview gives you an overview of how to approach communications as a community foundation and provides you with a path forward. It provides an overview of the resources that have been created or are being created as part of the community foundation Communications Toolkit.
Template: Prompt Questions for Key Messages
This template provides you prompt questions for crafting key messages for your community foundations, your funding opportunities, any topics you are regularly communicating about and any specific events. Make sure your key messages reflect the tone and purpose of your community foundation.
Developing your brand guide and visual content | Webinar
In this interactive workshop, we will walk through how to develop a brand guide, including logo, colour palette and typography. We’ll then see how you can put a brand guide into practice to create visuals for your website, social media and documents.
Factsheet: Storytelling Step-by-Step
This document is a step-by-step guide to storytelling, walking you through the process of creating stories that will have an impact on your audience. We encourage you to use this factsheet alongside the Equity Principles for Storytelling, which provides some considerations and questions for storytelling.
Factsheet: Communications Strategy 101
How to create a communications strategy off the side of your desk, just like a pro, for small community foundations.
Template: Communications Implementation Timeline
This template accompanies the Communications Strategy 101 Factsheet and provides you with a structure to map out the implementation of your communications work.
Tips and Tricks for Creating an Awesome Video
You’re here because you’re recording a video to showcase all of the incredible things happening in your community. We encourage you to relax and treat this video as a simple conversation. Below are some tips you can use as you create your video. You’ve got this.
Factsheet: Equity Principles for Storytelling Storytelling creates power dynamics, and we want to ensure our communication techniques and tools embed equity. This chart was created to support the work you’re already doing, providing some consideration and questions to pose when you are doing storytelling.