Last Sunday, many of us awoke to news of tragic events in Nova Scotia. As time passed and we learned more, our hearts ached for the families and communities affected by this violence. In the words of our Community Foundation of Nova Scotia colleagues, “Fear does not have a monopoly here. And when we grieve, we do not grieve alone.” We take this message to heart. On behalf of the network of community foundations across Canada, Andrew and I extend our sincere sympathies to our colleagues from Atlantic Canada (at the Ulnooweg Indigenous Communities Foundation, Rural Communities Foundations of Nova Scotia and Community Foundation of Nova Scotia). Know that we stand in solidarity with you. The Community Foundation of Nova Scotia has already initiated a response. We invite everyone to take a moment to visit their website, reach out and offer support as you can. We are keeping Nova Scotia in our hearts and minds. 

On Tuesday, the Government of Canada announced some welcome and much-needed support to help our most vulnerable Canadians. We’re thrilled to be playing a role in this Fund alongside the Canadian Red Cross and United Way Centraide Canada. Thank you for your strong show of support in echoing messages of appreciation. A note on collaboration and next steps: While we don’t yet have details about the Fund or specific allocations, know that we will be working to design a program infrastructure that aligns with the following funding principles, and can be deployed as quickly, effectively as possible for participating foundations and applicants. More to follow soon. 

This Fund is a vital part of the solution but we recognize it’s not the whole solution. Alongside Imagine Canada and others, we continue to advocate for additional stabilization funds from the federal government.

As we do this, I encourage foundations to continue to be bold: in your thinking, planning and granting. Above and beyond this Fund, we need to continue to take courageous action together to make the just, equitable, resilient communities we all dream of a reality, especially in a time of crisis.  

Finally, in closing, it’s National Volunteer Week and I would be remiss if I did not salute our extraordinary CFC Board of Directors and all the other amazing volunteers who contribute to CFC and community foundations’ work across the country. Thank you for all that you do! 

In gratitude,

Andrea Dicks, President