September 14, 2023


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:00 pm ET



Gender lens investing is a powerful approach that considers the gender-specific impacts of investments, and Rally Assets is ready to build on your knowledge or give you a new understanding. They will focus on key topics, next steps and actions to help move your GLI forward. This session will include Rally revisiting or covering areas of interest for participants, peer-to-peer sharing, and group-based discussions. 

To create a session that supports you, we’d like to hear from you! When you register for the Zoom meeting, please include a question you’d like answered or a topic you’d like to discuss amongst other community foundations.

You will leave this session with an understanding of:

  • Key topics on gender-lens investing,
  • How gender-lens investing looks for community foundations, and
  • The next steps to take on your gender-lens investing journey.

This session is available to any member of the public, and will specifically be useful to all members of community foundations.