October 13, 2021


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:00 pm ET



Addressing long-standing inequalities begins with conversations about power. As distributors of economic and social wealth, community foundations hold undisputable power in shaping the social dynamics among diverse community members. To shift power imbalances and address systemic inequalities within communities and among equity-deserving groups, community foundations must rethink their role as connectors, builders and co-creators with community members seeking equitable opportunities. To make effective policy, granting and funding decisions, community foundations and leadership must seek to understand and respond to needs from underrepresented communities. Addressing systemic and institutional inequities begins with building a foundation for personal relationships and connections that transcend differences. 

At the end of this session, participants will: 

• Understand different types of biases and their impact on personal relationships with  racialized people 

• Increase self-awareness of one’s own values and shifting attitudes toward inclusion 

• Understand how to engage in meaningful dialogue and build relationships that  transcend cultural barriers


Ruth Mojeed, The Inclusion Project