September 15, 2021


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:00 pm ET



This event will be available in French through simultaneous interpretation.

The Charitable sector’s history is deeply entrenched in inequities and injustices, culminating in systems of racism, patriarchy and other forms of discrimination that continue to serve a power-holding group, while serving to oppress others. Equity-deserving people, including Indigenous,  Black and other racialized people continue to seek opportunities for self-actualization and finding a sense of belonging within communities and the institutions that support them.  Community foundations play an important role in shifting power imbalances, addressing prejudices and redressing historical injustices. How can community foundations begin the journey towards acknowledging embedded inequalities and build a new foundation based on trust, respect and equity? What are some practical ways community foundations and funders strengthen connections with communities of colour and other equity-deserving groups, as community members, employees and people with the potential to contribute to a more robust sector? 

This session will focus on: 

  • Exploring trust-based philanthropy and concepts in equity and inclusion 
  • Intersectionality: a gendered approach to racial equity and philanthropy 
  • Exploring physical, institutional and attitudinal barriers to inclusion


Ruth Mojeed, The Inclusion Project