March 16, 2021


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:30 pm ET



What is institutional change? What are the key benefits of an accumulation of many small changes, versus an occasional larger change? Institutional change is about the personal, professional and institutional journey—not destination—with each journey being unique and requiring different changes and actions.

Join us for this webinar and together we will explore:

  • How to lead in cultural change
  • What is institutional change and why is it important
  • How we move our organization forward on the learning journey of shifting culture and institutional change
  • Unconscious and conscious beliefs and how they influence decision-making

During this presentation, we will share tools and resources related to leading an organization, shifting power, and providing leadership to an inclusive organization.


Ruth Mojeed, Cheif Equality Officer, Inclusion Project 
Jennifer DeBues, Director, Operations & Granting, Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough

This session is designed specifically for members of Community Foundations of Canada.