October 22, 2020


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:00 pm ET



The context we work in is rapidly changing and it is key that Community Foundations are poised to develop new and sustainable partnerships in order to best serve their communities. 

Over the past two years, 10 Community Foundations across Canada have worked together with Green Shield Canada to develop and evaluate a corporate philanthropy partnership model that builds on the strengths and resources of each.  This model is collaborative and anchored by shared values. 

A toolkit has been developed to support Community Foundations of all sizes to adapt this approach.  The webinar will provide an opportunity to introduce the toolkit and answer questions from interested CFs.  As well, the webinar will explore how Community Foundations are uniquely positioned as valuable resources to businesses and examples across the country of Foundations that have built successful partnerships. 


Sheree Meredith, Sheree Meredith Consulting

Mila Lucio, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Social Impact, Green Shield Canada

Stephanie Clark, Founder/Chief Growth Officer, The BLUE DOOR Group, Bedford, Nova Scotia

Emma Cruddas, Program Manager, Community Foundation of Nova Scotia