October 8, 2020


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:00 pm ET



Presenters: Andrea Dicks, Andrew Chunilall, Cindy Lindsay and Tracey Vavrek, CFC

The recent pandemic has shown that our work as community foundations is evolving. But to what? This inaugural session provides a broad overview of Canada’s philanthropic sector, our responsibility to shift power to those who best know the needs of our communities, as well ensure diverse voices are at the table where important decisions about our future are being made.  How do we do this and what will this journey look like?

About Foundation Essentials 101

In this interactive course, you will discover the history of philanthropy, review a foundation’s leadership and governance, provide an overview of grantmaking, effective communication strategies, debate the current big issues in philanthropy and explore the various roles within philanthropy. 

Foundation Essentials 101 takes place over six months across Fall and Winter. The seven modules will build on each other, and participants are expected to commit to attending all seven. Each session will run from 1-2:30 pm Eastern Time and will be packed with information, group interaction, peer sharing – and even a little break! 

Designed for:

Anyone who is new to leading a community foundation within the last 18 months and willing to commit to all sessions. Your foundation must be a member of CFC and you are required to pre-register by September 11, 2020. Group size will be kept small to maximize interaction. For more information, contact