March 26, 2020


2:30 pm ET

 — 3:30 pm ET

What an unprecedented time we find ourselves in. The past few days have seen our inboxes, newsfeeds and conversations dominated by COVID-19. We hope that you are all able to take the time and care required during this time of uncertainty. The news, media and grocery store lines can all result in heightened levels of anxiety and stress. Let us all be generous and kind with ourselves and those around us. 

In place of our scheduled Youth Powering Community Session on Shared Values for Just Futures: A Decolonial Mindset, we’ll be holding space for connection and conversation around how the pandemic is impacting youth and youth-driven change work in communities across Canada and how we can best support each other in these uncertain times. Our previous session topic will still be hosted, but it will take place at a later date. 

The session will include a mix of guided plenary and small group conversations. We’ll also share some reflective and mindfulness practices that might be helpful for you and your community partners.  

RSVP on Facebook to connect with other participants.

This session will be provided in both English and French, simultaneously. Participants will be able to pose questions in the language they are most comfortable.