I don’t have a reliable internet connection, how can I apply? Can I handwrite or fax my application?

You can print and fill in a PDF by hand.

You can submit this by:

  • Email to: info@iprfund.ca
  • Mail to: IPRF c/o 1035 Bank St. #302, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5K3
  • Fax to: 1-613-280-1553
  • Not as comfortable with written communication? No problem, feel free to send us a 3 min video, share your YouTube video link or email/call to set up a time to orally provide your application (please note we will record for transcribing purposes.)

Can I speak with someone before I apply?

Yes, we encourage you to reach out to us before you apply, please reach out to us to discuss your proposal. 

  • Email to: info@iprfund.ca
  • Mail to: IPRF c/o 1035 Bank St. #302, Ottawa, Ontario K1S 5K3
  • Fax to: 1-613-280-1553

Do I need a charitable tax number?

No, examples of eligible organizations include:

  • community groups;
  • registered charities;
  • registered not-for-profit organizations;
  • public bodies performing a function of government in Canada

When will we find out if we were approved?

Applications are received and evaluated on a rolling basis.  Decisions will be made bi-weekly. You can anticipate communication from us within 21 days of submitting your application.

What kind of projects are eligible?

The IPRF will provide immediate financial support for projects that are serving Indigenous populations as they manage the impacts of COVID-19. Applicants may only apply for one project at a time, but no more than 2 applications if they are distinctly separate initiatives. Should you apply for more than one, it must be done at 2 separate intake times. Your project cannot be fully completed at the time of application. 

Specifically, eligible projects will:

  • Clearly address a pressing social inclusion or well-being need caused by COVID-19;
  • Serve Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) and preferably led by Indigenous peoples;
  • Be carried out in a short timeframe with a reasonable budget, before June 30, 2021

Examples of eligible projects responding to urgent community needs, while taking a long-term view on building community resilience can be found in the Applicant guide.

What are the eligible expenses?

All budget items must be project-related and must be incurred between September 1 to June 30, 2021. Eligible expenditures will vary depending on the project. The list below are examples of possible expenditures. 

  • Elder honorarium;
  • Wages and employment-related costs for existing or additional staff;
  • Fees for professional service; 
  • Disability supports for staff of the recipient; 
  • Materials and supplies;
  • Printing and communication;
  • Travel costs including mileage;
  • Utilities;
  • Insurance;
  • Rental of premises;
  • Lease, purchase and maintenance of equipment; 
  • Performance monitoring and reporting costs;
  • Data collection; and
  • Knowledge development activities.

Please read more in the Applicant guide.

How are decisions made?

Applications will be reviewed by an all Indigenous adjudication committee using the common criteria from the application questions. Using a sliding point scale of 1 to 5.

What are the reporting requirements?

Should your application be accepted the following are the reporting requirements. Honouring our oral traditions, we invite you to answer the questions through video/phone call or share a video (max 3-5 min). Please email: info@iprfund.ca to schedule a time.

Or if you prefer writing please answer the following questions. (Maximum 400 words per question.) 

  1. How did you use the support that was provided?
  2. Were you able to implement your response within budget you submitted for the application? If you deviated from the budget, how and why were those deviations made?
  3. Did you have any difficulty in implementing your response to COVID-19? 
  4. How has the support provided made a difference to your group/community?
  5. Please share your successes, challenges and learnings. 
  6. If you had a partner or another funder, how did you use their support in your response?
  7. Please provide us with any feedback on how we can improve. (Example: the application or reporting process.)

How is the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund different?

The Fund is governed by an all Indigenous Advisory Council who reviews and approves recommendations made by a review committee that is entirely Indigenous-led. Community Foundations of Canada is supporting the collective as a host partner. The Fund is made possible thanks to the contributions of several foundations and funders. Including Donner Canadian FoundationEdmonton Community FoundationEnbridge, Frontline FundGreen Shield Canada, Medavie Health Foundation, Metcalf FoundationThe Sprott FoundationSuncor Energy FoundationToronto FoundationTrottier Family FoundationVanCity Community Investment BankVancity Credit Union, and Vancouver Foundation and several anonymous donors.

This is great, how can I contribute to the funding pool?

Join a growing coalition with the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund and help meet the critical needs of Indigenous communities in response to COVID-19.

To learn more, contact:

Wanda Brascoupe

Email: info@iprfund.ca
Phone: 613 262 3089

Victoria Grant

Email: victoria@iprfund.ca
Phone: 416 999 1978