By Aditi Basdeo


Did you hear that?

No. Are you sure

Pause. Listen closer. What do you hear?

For me, it’s the sweet sounds of birds chirping, the gentle hum of the refrigerator, and some distant music that are weaving together in a symphony. When we pause to listen, we reconnect with the elements that create connections in our lives. Hold onto these moments of reconnecting as anchors in the rushing pace of the world around you. 

As a society, we find ourselves living in a time deficit, racing from one thing to another without pause, rarely stopping to enjoy the views that shape us along the way. This relentless pace inhibits our ability to live in connection.

I have no better way to describe the feeling of connection than to tell you a story. Last year, I travelled to Greece, venturing out on my own for the first time. While travelling, I had the chance to take a break and reflect and, in doing so, had many moments of reconnection. But one memory stands out—the time I spent walking in the Kourtaliotiko Botanical Garden. 

When I stepped into this garden, I stepped into a space where I couldn’t help but pause and take a breath. During this visit, a local leader of this garden talked about the importance of ethically growing food, how we have relationships with where it grows, how it grows, and our profound relationship with nature. We then ventured on a hike, getting lost in the greenery, stopping in moments of reflection and reconnecting with the natural ecosystem. 

You don’t have to go as far as Greece to feel this space. Take a step outside onto a patch of grass, ground yourself on the earth, and take in the world around you. By making space for these anchor points, we create deeper connections. This principle goes beyond our connection to nature and touches every aspect of our lives. 

And these connections are critical. They instill purpose and meaning into our lives. They link us to community, belonging, and joy. When we live in connection, there is a ripple effect on the lives of those around us. Not only can connection root us as people, but it can create tidal waves across our communities. 

This summer, I joined Community Foundation Canada as a Transformation Analyst with hopes of reconnecting with community well-being and making a meaningful impact. The RECONNECT conference started off my journey of community connection. I shared in conversations over meals, through workshops and in between presentations. It also made me decide to make a commitment to myself. As I continue my journey into the impact sector, I will hold myself accountable to find those anchor points to pause and create a stronger sense of inner reflection and reconnection. 

I am on a path of learning how I centre connection, and I wanted to leave you with a question that I am considering: If we broke out of cycles of busyness and reconnected with the natural ecosystem, our friends, family, and community, could we create more vibrant futures? 

Aditi joined CFC as a Transformation Analyst this summer with the transformation team, and we are deeply appreciative for her support and investment of  time. CFC believes  in engaging young people to bring an equitable and intergenerational lens into the transformation of philanthropy.