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Alison Sidney

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Ottawa, Ontario

About Alison Sidney

Alison is a dynamic personality who’s passionate about sustainable, community-led development and collective well-being.. As Director of Strategic Initiatives, Alison oversees the Strategic Initiatives team and portfolio. In her role at CFC, Alison contributes to the initiation, design, and implementation of national funding programs. 

Since joining CFC in 2016, Alison has led various national funding programs, and oversaw the Vital Signs program between 2018-2021. She is most excited by connecting with community foundations and learning how to continuously improve programs to better serve communities, foster equity, and generate greater collective health and well-being. 

She draws on a wealth of past experience, and has worked in the non-profit, federal government, and corporate sectors in roles ranging from client and member services, community outreach, advocacy, and more.

With a taste for travel, Alison spends her free time outdoors looking for new adventures and nature to explore.