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JP Bervoets

Chief Strategy Officer

Toronto, Ontario

About JP Bervoets

For the past two decades, JP has worked to foster collaboration and build partnerships across sectors to advance community wellbeing and sustainable development. He joined CFC in 2014 to help connect the work of Canada’s community foundation movement with a network of partners from the public and private sector and civil society.

Prior to joining CFC, JP held various positions in the international development sector in Canada, and internationally, including at North Star Alliance, a groundbreaking public-private partnership founded by the UN World Food Programme and TNT Express.

JP’s interests include public health, culture and development, and public-private partnerships. He sits on the Board of Directors of Impact Hub Ottawa and Art for AIDS International, and has voluntarily supported a number of organizations at home and abroad including Boys and Girls Clubs, the Nkosi Johnson AIDS Foundation, and UNAIDS.

JP works alongside community partners from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to engage them in CFC’s work.