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Kelly Squier

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Whitby, ON

About Kelly Squier

Kelly grew up in and returned to a small town in Southeastern Ontario where community is everything. She’s seen first hand what a small group of dedicated community members can do when they work together. Kelly is passionate about connecting with people and making positive change.

She has an extensive background of project coordination & management at Habitat for Humanity and a web & app development company. She also has experience in fund development, event planning, and communications.

In 2020 Kelly started her own nonprofit called Paddle it Forward which provides free paddle boarding lessons to youth in her community. Her mission is to provide an accessible, non-competitive sport to children who are looking for ways to appreciate nature, learn about water safety and build confidence. She is also an active volunteer with Kingston Animal Rescue, Scouts, and Sandy Pines Wildlife.

When not working or paddle boarding, Kelly spends her free time outdoors with her family and dogs or baking.