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Lesley Inglis

Director, Corporate Services

Ottawa, Ontario

About Lesley Inglis

Lesley brings more than 15 years of experience to her role at Community Foundations of Canada. She has spent time in the high tech sector at both AIT Technologies and Nortel Networks where she administratively supported senior executives. She also spent time in the manufacturing industry managing both the office and all the finance responsibilities at an Ottawa based sheet metal company where you could often find her in the warehouse counting sheet metal and placing orders so that production did not come to a halt.

She found her passion for the nonprofit sector while on maternity leave with her youngest child when she joined the oldest co-operative nursery school in Ottawa.  There she was the volunteer Treasurer and then become President of the Board and oversaw the daily operations of the nursery school. She is currently responsible for all the financial reporting for both Community Foundations of Canada and the Rideau Hall Foundation.

With four kids, the majority of her downtime is now spent at a softball diamond or hockey arena watching her kids play sports.  Where more than likely she is either managing the teams they play for or actually on the bench as a trainer.