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Saima Asad

Communications Coordinator, Digital Content

Calgary, AB

About Saima Asad

Having lived in six vastly different countries, Saima grew up with a passion for people. She finds fulfillment in overcoming cultural and language barriers to create meaningful connections with everyone she meets. She has been extremely fortunate to visit over 40 countries.

Saima holds two Bachelors of Arts in International Relations’ and in Communications, where she graduated with distinction. Saima’s intrigue in the intersectionality of politics and modern ways of communication inspired her to write her Honor’s thesis on the use of social media in political campaigns. After university, she pursued a career in aviation but could not shake the feeling that there was more she could be doing. She began volunteering in social media and marketing roles for various social service agencies such as the United Nations’ Association of Canada and the National Council of Canadian Muslims. Her passion for non-profits and community service led her to join CFC in the Communications Coordinator, Digital Content position. She is eager to continue the great work of CFC and build on the foundations laid out by her predecessors.

When she is not at work, you can find Saima skiing down the Rockies or experimenting in her kitchen. From skydiving over the Burj-Al-Arab to filming a live surgery, Saima is eager to try anything and you will rarely hear her say, “no.”