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Sam Campling

Communications Manager, Network Engagement

Saskatoon, SK

About Sam Campling

Sam’s passion for communication comes from a personal desire to connect with people, hear their stories and to learn. Sam is a passionate storyteller who enjoys working with changemakers to share their experiences with a larger audience.

Sam is originally from a small northern town in Saskatchewan and she brings a sense of community into everything she does. She holds a Master of Journalism degree from Carleton University and currently lives in the ‘Paris of the Prairies.’ Although moving to a larger center, Sam still ensures she embodies that small-town feeling of ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ when connecting with local community foundations.

Prior to CFC, Sam worked for a provincial radio station highlighting stories from northern Saskatchewan and Indigenous communities. She then got her start in communications in a provincial organization.

When she’s not on her laptop, you can find Sam exploring the beauty of the boreal forest, adventuring out on to northern lakes and rivers, or just walking around Saskatoon with her dog, Ember.