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Taryn Lucas

Program Coordinator, Recovery Fund

Winnipeg, MB

About Taryn Lucas

Taryn truly believes in the power of presence and purpose. Taryn is passionate about the many dynamics found within social, economic, and environmental sustainability. She is particularly keen on making impacts in accessibility and human equity through avenues such as social entrepreneurship, policy change, participatory action research, program delivery, and more. She plans to maintain these principles in her work with community foundations. 

Taryn holds a Diploma in Social Innovation and Community Development from Red River College Polytechnic’s Indigenous School of Education, majoring in Community Development. She is also an alumni of the Social Innovation Academy and their Summer Analyst program, previously interning in connection with CFC’s Transformation team in work around social finance, web3, impact investing, and sustainability. 

Prior to her time at CFC, Taryn has worked as a Assistant Prospect Researcher and as a Strategic Planning Assistant with her college’s President’s Office on their new Strategic Plan where she specialized in data research and donor pool development, highlighting equity, diversity and reconciliation throughout the work. 

In her spare time, Taryn can be found at music and arts events around Winnipeg, sharing with others her love of the healing nature of music and the impact of the arts. When staying in, Taryn can be found snuggled up with her two darling cats, Phineas and Ferb.