Please note that this request for proposals closed on August 24, 2022. Thank you for your interest.

Project Description and Objectives

The objective of this IRP Learning Cohort is to further develop participants’ knowledge and skills to get their organizations closer to investment readiness. The learning cohort program will primarily support mid-stage social purpose organizations. The aim is to diversify their knowledge-base, expand their tool sets, and deepen their skills, capability and capacity to acquire and steward investments. The goal is to move them to the final stages of investment readiness over the course of the program.

While the needs of the IRP Learning Cohort applicant pool, and those selected for participation, will help inform the final program curriculum, our goal is to work predominantly with mid-stage social purpose organizations. These are organizations that have a well defined business concept, and are at various stages of developing and completing their business models and financial projections.

CFC is seeking the expertise and support of two to three external service providers to work with us as consultants to design and deliver an impactful 5-8 month learning cohort program.  Each service provider will be responsible for designing and delivering a customized program for a subset of the 80 social purpose organizations selected to participate in the IRP Learning Cohort. The IRP Learning Cohort participants will each be placed into smaller learning groups (i.e. cohorts), composed of 10-12 participating organizations. Each learning group will focus on a specific topic area such as revenue diversification, impact measurement, business model canvas, and many more.

The consultants will design and deliver learning modules, trainings, and workshops for the learning groups they are responsible for. They will also develop and facilitate a strong peer-learning network and provide one-on-one coaching to their learning group participants.

Scope of Work – Investment Readiness Program Learning Cohort

CFC expects to hire 2-3 service providers/consulting agencies to meet the learning objectives of 80 social purpose organizations. 

In their proposals, consultants are expected to identify their specific subject matter expertise areas and identify the number of social purpose organizations they could deliver content to. As CFC will be working with multiple consultants it is expected that there will be separate topic areas for learning. 

There will naturally be adjustments to this outline as the program is designed and delivered.