Collectively we can build the future we imagine. Let’s do this.

The community foundation anthem was first developed in 2013 as part of a national campaign to bring awareness to the work and impact of community foundations from coast to coast to coast.

Much has shifted over the last year. Communities are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with both trepidation and optimism for the future. What lies ahead may not yet be in focus, but what drives this network of over 200 community foundations is clear: the relentless pursuit of a future where everyone belongs.

Belonging is at the center of our work. It guides our decisions and activities. In fact, it always has. 2023 will mark ten years ago that CFC launched a national marketing campaign alongside the then 191 community foundations in the network. Activated across many platforms, the key collateral in this campaign was an incredible anthem. 

We are ten years in, and these words remain true. Belonging guides us. Whether the path is clear or opaque, our focus and values move us forward. This was once again demonstrated in 2022. Throughout the past year, we witnessed community foundations support and guide their community through their practices of leadership, grantmaking, governance, impact investing and more. We’ve watched and cheered as this network has: 

– Transformed public spaces to facilitate safe, inclusive community hubs through the Healthy Communities Initiative.

– Raised its many hands to once again collaborate from coast to coast to coast on what will be our most significant collective effort to date: the Community Services Recovery Fund.

– Leaned deeper into impact investing to dramatically increase dollars invested for good through Communities for Gender Equality and the Investment Readiness Program.

– Engaged thoughtfully to seek solutions as the sector’s regulatory environment experiences change.

– Deepened our connections as a global network of community foundations to support communities in crises.

At Community Foundations of Canada, we are grateful for each and every person in this network who are steadfast in building a future that is bright, just and sustainable. Equally, we appreciate our many partners and collaborators in communities near and far.  Together, it is all of you, who are the foundation of this network and our community. We believe that there is tremendous opportunity ahead when we work and dream together. Because only collectively can we build the future we imagine. Let’s do this. 

With appreciation,