February 10, 2021


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:30 pm ET



This webinar is part of our ongoing series for Communities for Gender Equality and open to any and all community foundations in our network. This session will be provided in both English and French, simultaneously. Participants will be able to pose questions in the language they are most comfortable.

While equality and equity may sound similar, the two terms have key, inherent differences. When it comes to progressing meaningful diversity and inclusion, it is important to know and understand the differences between these two terms. As many community foundations and local organizations look to improve current and ongoing racial equity and gender equality work, having a strong understanding of terminology and their uses will be important to improve your work and move it in the right direction.

Join us, alongside Future Ancestors Alchemist, Mo Phung, to learn more about the complex dynamic between equality and equity, and how it applies to the philanthropic sector, as well as our society at-large.


Mo Phùng (they/she) | Alchemist, Future Ancestors Services

Mo is a Việt/Người Kinh second-generation immigrant who was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. They are a Marine Biologist, Ocean Technologist, artist, and photographer based in Kjipuktuk (Halifax). They work as a Community Specialist for Ocean Wise and are a co-founder of Oceans Week HFX, a youth-led initiative that supports the growing ocean community through relationship building, youth engagement and connecting community members with local businesses and organizations. Mo has experience working with the Nova Scotia ocean sector and non-profits who work in ocean conservation and education. Their approach is to engage the ocean and environmental sectors to create climate justice frameworks and prioritize racialized voices, relationships and connections.