March 22, 2023


1:00 pm ET

 — 2:15 pm ET



The values, attitudes and interactions create and define a workplace culture. Positive workplace culture can attract talent, increase engagement, and impact workplace satisfaction.  So how do we create a positive working environment?  

Join expert Ruth Mojeed from The Inclusion Project to learn how community foundations’ values, missions, and vision can translate into everyday practices that foster equity and inclusion and improve diversity within the workplace. This session will bring together leaders from across the community foundations movement to discuss equitable workplace culture and how to lead from a culture of inclusivity. 

In this session, we will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What roles do leaders play in communicating and creating a culture of change?
  • What is participatory and inclusive leadership, and how does it translate to trust-based philanthropy?
  • How must leaders communicate to get stakeholder buy-in and support for the desired changes?

This session will support community foundation work on several SDGs including:

This event is open to community foundations and interested members of the general public.