August 27, 2020


2:30 pm ET

 — 4:00 pm ET



Creating equitable spaces in change work is something that will make your organization or movement invaluable. Equity is a broad term that has been (mis)used in many spaces as a way for organizations to check off their part in doing solidarity work. However, as we continue to discuss moving past performative and surface level allyship, we need to start addressing the complexities of equity work.

How can we ensure that our spaces are actively combatting the systemic oppressive structures and power dynamics that often show up? How can we address and unlearn the institutional and personal biases we hold?

In this Youth Powering Community session, participants will have the chance to engage with organizers actively exploring these questions and actively practicing creating safer and intentional spaces through the deepening of their practice.

Guest Speakers

Savroop Shergill: Community Organizer, Program Coordinator at Children’s Peace Theatre, Queering Religion Programmer at the Multifaith Centre

Sofia Descalzi: National Chairperson at Canadian Federation of Students, International students/migrant justice organizer