September 24, 2020


2:30 pm ET

 — 4:00 pm ET



Over the last year, we have seen the rise of youth led social justice movements. Youth are empowering one another and driving social change through collective action, shaping the way for just futures. However, even when generations are aligned on a vision for justice, there is often a disconnect between younger and older generations. This intergenerational disconnect often stems from a lack of understanding on how to communicate and engage with each other in order to learn, grow, and imagine together. Furthermore, there are many barriers in place that make this intergenerational communication challenging. 

In this Youth Powering Community session, participants will have the chance to learn from leaders actively engaged in intergenerational change work, and will be exploring questions and practices in addressing barriers around engagement. Participants will also have the opportunity to delve deeper into the frameworks of intergenerational collaboration and what that looks like in different communities.


Marlene Hale, Wet’suwet’en Chef & Political Activist

Salma Tihani, Grad student in Education and Society, community organizer around social and climate justice, lover of soft jams.