The Community Services Recovery Fund (CSRF) is a $400 million investment from the Government of Canada to support charities and non-profits as they focus on how to adapt their organizations for pandemic recovery. 

Projects funded through the CSRF fall within one of three Project Focus Areas: Investing in People, Investing in Systems and Processes, or Investing in Program and Service Innovation and Redesign. To explore the results of all three focus areas and projects in the National, Provincial, Territorial stream, visit the CSRF website

Below you can explore the results from Community Foundations of Canada’s (CFC) Project Focus Area: Investing in Systems and Processes. 

High Demand for Systems and Processes Funding

During the pandemic, organizations worked on the frontlines in communities across Canada. From food delivery to seniors to virtual language-building workshops, organizations adapted and pushed themselves to support their communities with locally driven solutions.

Through the Systems and Processes Project Focus Area, organizations have the opportunity to build internal capacity and resilience to better serve their community.

CFC’s Project Focus Area: Investing in Systems and Processes received over 4,000 applications and over $250 million in requests. The need for recovery-based funding is significant as organizations take the long view to build capacity and work toward long-term change. Continued support of the sector to recover is crucial to ensure we have a recovery that leaves no one behind.

Sectors Supported

Charities, non-profit organizations, and Indigenous Governing Bodies from coast to coast to coast continue to strengthen their communities. Organizations funded span across a variety of sectors, each playing a critical role in building resilient communities. 

  • More than 800 projects funded focus on social service organizations
  • More than 300 projects funded focus on arts and culture organizations
  • More than 200 projects funded focus on health organizations

The top two selected sectors highlight the importance of both direct social service in community, as well as the joy that stems from arts and culture. To build a resilient, bright future where everyone belongs, communities maintain strength in their vibrant local cultures.

Please Note: Many projects are intersectional and organizations often work across multiple sectors.

Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals 

Organizations which received funding are working amidst varying sectors that often overlap. Similarly, funded projects are also advancing the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To advance a just and sustainable future where everyone belongs, multiple SDGs must be met in unison. 

Through the CSRF, over 700 organizations identified good health and well-being as the SDG that best aligns with their mission or mandate. This overwhelming majority showcases the importance of strong systems and processes to focus organizational energy towards the betterment of community health and wellness.



Please Note: The chart shows all projects who selected one SDG. Many organizations are intersectional and are delivering multiple services across different SDGs.

Equity in Leadership

“Nothing about us without us” is a principle that recognizes that individuals with lived experience know what’s best for themselves and their communities. Organizations funded identified whether they considered themselves to be led by one or more equity-deserving communities. 

Over 1,300 organizations are led by Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour, and over 1,400 organizations are led by women. 

Organizations are stepping up and shifting power to those who best know the needs of communities by ensuring that diverse voices are at the table where important decisions about community are being made.

Please Note: Identities are intersectional and are led by individuals with intersecting identities or groups with diverse representation. To best capture the breadth of diverse experiences supported by this funding, organizations were able to select more than one identity.

Discover more about projects using our interactive map! 

Below you can explore the map of locally funded recipients in the Systems and Processes Project Focus Area. To explore projects in all focus areas in both the local and National, Provincial, and Territorial Stream, see the CSRF website. Please note that this list will be updated periodically.

You can also download this data as a spreadsheet.