Shifting Power was created by Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) with help from community foundations from across Canada to share the stories of change makers in communities from coast to coast to coast.

Join CFC’s president and Shifting Power’s host Andrea Dicks as she chats with recipients from the Fund for Gender Equality who are shifting power in their communities.

Episode 1: Lead As You Are

Join Andrea as she talks with Michelle Friesen, co-founder of Lead As You Are, a program that empowers all individuals, no matter their age, to step into leadership roles, whether that’s in politics, or in other spaces in their lives.

Episode 2: Survivors Speaking Out for Gender Equality

In this episode, Andrea talks with Wendy Goldsmith, a social worker at the London Abused Women’s Centre and a facilitator for the Centre’s program, Survivors Speaking Out for Gender Equality.
Survivors Speaking Out for Gender Equality was a year-long project that saw 59 women who had experienced domestic violence create a community of leaders while designing and implementing different types of campaigns to raise awareness for women experiencing domestic violence.
NOTE: This episode discusses domestic violence and violence against women. Here are a few resources in you need support:

If you are in an emergency, please call 9-1-1.
For immediate assistance, please call one of the following 24-hour helplines:
Human Trafficking Helpline:  1-833-900-1010
Assaulted Women’s Helpline:  1-866-863-0511

Episode 3: Period Promise

In episode 3, Andrea talks to Sherri Smith from Red Deer, Alberta, president of Soroptimist International of Central Alberta. Sherri spearheaded the Period Promise project which is a program that advocates against period poverty, and for stigma free access to menstruation products for anyone that has a period.

Episode 4: My Uncomfortable Hoodie

For episode 4, Andrea chats with Marshall Feit from Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, creator of My Uncomfortable Hoodie, a podcast series, occasionally a live performance, that curates a set of stories from people on the uncomfortable parts of our lives that cultivate our identity.

Episode 5: 13 Moons

Join Andrea for this episode as she talks to Kelly Terbasket, co-founder of IndigenEYEZ, an organization that empowers individuals using Indigenous ways of knowing through different programs and projects. One of these programs in 13 Moons.