By Ayusha Mahajan

The word “transformation” suggests reinvention rather than reorientation and a significant number of smaller changes that create a larger shift. Process, practice, and progressivism take time. Transformation, therefore, requires us to engage with younger generations to build the future they want. 

I reached out to Taryn Lucas and Tobi Olumurewa. Both worked on the Transformation Team this past summer at Community Foundations of Canada and are members of Gen Z. They shared their understanding of transformation, the futures they hope for and how they believe we can realize them. Their meaningful perspectives moved me, and I hope they move you too. 

A story would never achieve its potential without the means to make it heard. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Canada Life, the RBC Foundation, and Social Innovation Academy for partnering with Community Foundations of Canada to support the Transformation Storytelling Fellowship and its impact.

Ayusha served as the Transformation Storytelling Fellow for Community Foundations of Canada for a six-month experience a portfolio exploring societal transition.