The Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) was a $350M investment from the Government of Canada to support charities and non-profit organizations serving populations experiencing vulnerability amid COVID-19.

Below, learn more about the projects and organizations that received funding through CFC during rounds 1 and 2 of the program.

Funded Projects and Organizations

Through the ECSF, CFC has redirected emergency funding to support almost 5,000 projects from coast to coast to coast. These projects are providing essential services and supporting people who are experiencing heightened vulnerability.

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High demand for ECSF funding

In this pandemic emergency, ECSF funding has been vital in supporting communities and the demand from applicants has far outweighed the available funds.

As communities have continued to see the pandemic’s impact, CFC saw an increase in the number of applications relative to the funding available in Round 2. CFC continues to advocate for broader recovery and stabilization support for the charitable sector.

Working on the frontlines

Charities, non-profit organizations and First Nations governments are on the frontlines of this pandemic, providing services to people experiencing heightened vulnerability. As communities face the strain of physically distanced lives, over 3200 projects address social inclusion and mental health issues. More than 2000 projects keep people safe from the virus through health and hygiene measures, and more than 1800 projects are directly supporting food security needs. 



Please Note: The chart shows all projects who selected a service. Many projects are intersectional and are delivering multiple services.

Supporting communities

Although COVID-19 is a threat to everyone, it’s had a disproportionate impact on specific communities, many of whom were experiencing vulnerability before the pandemic due to structural or systemic barriers, including racism and colonization. ECSF is seeking to serve these populations*.



Please Note: The chart shows all projects who selected a community as their primary, secondary or tertiary group served. Many projects are intersectional and are serving multiple groups listed.

Stories from funded projects

The projects and organizations supported by the ECSF are on the ground and making direct changes in their communities.