“I can confidently say that my appointment is an historic and inspirational moment for Canada, and an important step forward on the long path towards reconciliation.”

Mary Simon, Governor General Designate

Community Foundations of Canada warmly welcomes the appointment of Mary Simon as Governor General. As the first Indigenous Governor General, Ms. Simon will transform what it means to be Canada’s Governor General. Her intelligence, thoughtfulness and dedication have helped to foster change in Inuit communities, First Nation and Metis communities and many more communities from coast to coast to coast. As she continues her journey, we are excited to see the change that is coming for Canada.  

The Rideau Hall Foundation is part of the Governor General’s office, and can play a leadership role in philanthropy. Ms. Simon’s stewardship provides an opportunity to embed reconciliation into their work further and show how we can do philanthropy differently.
Ms. Simon’s appointment is an important step towards reconciliation. We have had the privilege of working with Ms. Simon on projects, including the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund. At CFC, we have learned from her generosity of wisdom and the values she embeds in her work.We are ready to support her mandate and how she will transform the meaning of this office.