Toronto | Tkaronto, June 17, 2021 – On the first anniversary of the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, we acknowledge not only the truth of the legacy of residential schools but also the ongoing efforts at reconciliation.  

At the closing event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015, Inspirit  Foundation, Laidlaw Foundation and The Sprott Foundation were among the original signatories to The Philanthropic Community’s Declaration of Action. At that time, signatories committed to a journey to learn and remember, to understand and acknowledge, and to participate, act and model in our ongoing process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada. 

While we continue to learn, today we are acting: 

  • Inspirit Foundation is further investing $1.9 million, $1 million via a capital transfer and an annual $0.3 million grant per year for three years. 
  • Laidlaw Foundation is further investing $2.5 million, with an annual contribution of  $0.5 million per year for five years. 
  • The Sprott Foundation is further investing $4 million, $1 million per year for three years towards granting and an additional $1 million will be invested at IPRF’s discretion. 

With funding directed towards an endowment, the Inspirit, Laidlaw, and The Sprott  Foundations are demonstrating their commitment to walking beside and with the  Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund in collective support of Indigenous communities.  Transferring capital helps rewrite relationships as a concrete action of reconciliation.  

The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, Inspirit, Laidlaw, and The Sprott Foundations believe the creation of an endowed foundation is an important step in the process of investing in the brilliance, ingenuity, and future of communities across Turtle Island. 


“Indigenous peoples have been working with foundations to shift the philanthropic landscape for over 20 years. We knew our communities were already underserved and when the pandemic hit, we would face increased challenges. We came together in partnership with foundations to act and respond to community solutions. Over the past year, we’ve raised over $15 million to stand with Indigenous-led initiatives. On our journey, we are honoured to continue walking alongside Inspirit, Laidlaw, and The Sprott Foundations along with others that have supported us. Together, we are changing how Canadian philanthropy is practiced with Indigenous communities.”

Wanda Brascoupé, Kanien’keha, Skarù rę’, Anishinabe, Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund and Victoria McKenzie Grant,  Teme-Augama Anishnabai, Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund 

“Like many Indigenous cultures, sharing resources with others for the common good is at  the heart of my Dene culture. As a foundation, we are excited to share our resources with  IPRF to support Indigenous self-determination in philanthropy in Indigenous  communities.” 

Mitchell Anderson, Chair of the Board of Directors, Inspirit Foundation 

“We are proud to walk beside the IPRF, as we continue to learn and strengthen our  relationships with Indigenous communities. Resources matter in that relationship.” 

Sadia Zaman, CEO, Inspirit Foundation

“Working with the IPRF is an opportunity to be connected to the proud traditions of  generosity, ingenuity and abundance of the Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island. As  a signatory to the Philanthropic Communities Declaration of Action, this contribution is a way for Laidlaw to demonstrate its commitment to meaningful reconciliation”. 

Jehad Aliweiwi, Executive Director, Laidlaw Foundation 

“I think it is essential that the philanthropic community supports Indigenous Peoples to  take the lead in decisions that affect their lives and communities. The Sprott Foundation  and my family are inspired by the creative solutions that emerge when people and  communities have the resources to run with home-grown ideas. That is why it was an  easy decision for us to contribute to the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund, and why  we encourage other philanthropists to join us in supporting Indigenous-led organizations.” 

Juliana Sprott, Chief Giving Officer, Sprott Foundation 

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About the Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund 

The Indigenous Peoples Resilience Fund (IPRF) is an Indigenous-led effort to respond to  urgent community needs while taking a long-term view on building community resilience. 

About the Inspirit Foundation 

The Inspirit Foundation funds media and arts for social change, supports young content  creators, and invests its assets to align with its mission to promote inclusion and pluralism  in Canada – specifically addressing discrimination based on ethnicity, race, or religion. 

About the Laidlaw Foundation 

Laidlaw Foundation is committed to supporting young people impacted by the justice,  education, and child-welfare systems. We do this by investing in innovative ideas,  community-led grassroots initiatives, convening, advocating for systems change, and  sharing learning across the sector. 

About The Sprott Foundation 

The Sprott Foundation is dedicated to addressing homelessness and hunger in Canada.  We support initiatives that enable self-sufficiency and dignity for those in need.