As communities recover from the pandemic, our networks need a space to heal and reconnect. The 2023 community foundations conference will provide our network that opportunity. We will gather in Tkaronto | Toronto from June 1-3, 2023  with a pre-conference day on May 31 – to meet old friends, make new ones, and reconnect to our purpose.  There will also be a suite of pre-conference virtual connection opportunities leading up to our in-person gathering. This will complement the in-person sessions and be an opportunity for those unable to gather in Tkaronto | Toronto to be a part of RECONNECT 2023.

Throughout RECONNECT 2023, we will: 

  • Renew our connections with each other;
  • Rethink some of our long-held assumptions, and;
  • Reimagine the potential and opportunities that we have in philanthropy.

We’re getting excited and we hope you are too! It’s less than a year away and there are so many new members of the community foundation network that we’ve not yet had the chance to meet in person. The conference is an opportunity for community foundations to connect with each other, partners and members of the nonprofit community.

What you said about ALL IN 2021

“Things that we talk about are finally happening!”

“The plenaries fueled our equity-seeking team to continue the conversations we have started among staff and the board. We heard (provocative!) ideas for revamping our granting programs and policies as well as cause to celebrate the improvements we’ve already implemented.”

“I felt the concurrent sessions were good and I liked how CFC really engaged with local CFs for their experiences/expertise. My only hope was that there were more sessions that we could deep dive into!”

“The entire summit was extremely well organized and well run. I have never participated in such a professional and tech-savvy event. I was impressed. I also have never been to an event where every session began with a land acknowledgement. This was very much appreciated and allowed for the entire conference to remain grounded in our privilege to be meeting. Thank you.”

I came away from the Summit with lots of ideas for moving the foundation into the 21st century. Deploying our assets in a way that does way more good, especially in our local community; getting away from hoarding our earnings; and making our grants more equitable and accessible.”