By Inda Intiar

Thank you to Canada Life, the RBC Foundation, and Propel Impact for partnering with Community Foundations of Canada to support the Transformation Storytelling Fellowship.

Stories hold so much power. They create the narratives we tell ourselves. They uphold systems and underpin values in our communities and society.

Some stories need to be challenged. Others need to be told to inspire positive social change. 

Many stories tell of a future full of doom and gloom. 

But what if we also tell stories of innovation, of solutions to problems, of creativity, care and community?

What if we nurture spaces where people and communities can tell their own stories to enrich our understanding of each other and the world?

What if we dare hope and dream of a future where everyone belongs? 

As a Transformation Storytelling Fellow, I’m keen to understand how innovation and initiatives on the ground can help transform broader systems and societies. 

One example that I’ll dive deeper into is the work of Participatory Canada and Every One Every Day Kjipuktuk/Halifax in providing social infrastructure to encourage the inclusive and active participation of community members. 

Additionally, I’ll look into how storytelling can be used as a tool to push a movement forward, change minds and ultimately, transform the status quo.

As part of this work, I invite you to imagine with me. In this spoken word video piece, I share my expression for a tomorrow of hope. What does your tomorrow look like?

A Tomorrow of Hope

About Inda

Inda is a first-generation immigrant based in the Siknikt district of the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq, in a city colonially known as Moncton, New Brunswick.

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