Thunder Bay youth challenge what it means to celebrate

For many of us across this part of Turtle Island (a.k.a. Canada), the year 2017 has been a weird one. Surrounded by never-ending patriotic...


Building belonging: bilateral dialogue and exchange

Every newcomer has to find their own way to belong in their community, and every community needs to find their own way to be...


Social enterprise: “Charitable campus” creates new opportunities and synergies for Calgary nonprofits

For-profit businesses share office buildings all the time — so why not non-profits? According to the Calgary Foundation, there is so much potential for...


In the name of mental health: shorter weeks and remote working options create a caring culture for employees

What does it mean to have a “culture of caring”? If you’re the David Suzuki Foundation, that means providing flexible working arrangements that help...


Going virtual: not-for-profit eliminates physical location, saving money while maintaining efficiency

Is it possible to save money and still be efficient when your non-profit abandons its bricks-and-mortar for a virtual office? Absolutely. For a true...


What does Canadian innovation look like in an age of acceleration?

Community Foundations of Canada, Social Innovation Generation (SiG), McConnell Foundation, and other social sector organizations are tackling this question with a new supplement produced in...


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