Vital Signs 2018: What does your community’s annual check up say about its health and wellbeing?

(Ottawa, ON) October 1, 2018 — Canadian communities will come under the microscope as community foundations across the country release their Vital Signs reports...


2018 Vital Signs media coverage

Community-led Vital Signs reports helped community leaders identify and raise the profile of many important community issues. Vital Signs reports generated media interest in...


Interview with Andrew Chunilall: Reflections on the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector

The Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector was established in January 2018 to examine the impact of federal, provincial and territorial laws and...


Reflections on the United Nations’ High Level Political Forum: An Interview with Andrew Chunilall

How would you describe your overall experience, as a civil society representative taking part in the official Canadian delegation at the UN’s HLPF this...


QES Scholar Tashi Lhamo on the Students on Ice 2018 Arctic Expedition

Queen Elizabeth Scholar Tashi Lhamo recently participated in the 2018 Students on Ice expedition through the Canadian and Greenlandic Arctic and came away with...


Seize the moment: The election opportunity

Elections are key opportunities for community foundations and other organizations to build relationships with government, grow awareness about issues that matter and advocate for...


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